You give vaccines,
we do the rest

Canid provides a single solution that automates all of your private and VFC vaccine needs at no cost to your practice.

We manage the complexity of vaccines

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We manage vaccine inventory

We track what you have and order when you need more for both private and VFC vaccines

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We simplify vaccination operations

We upload new vaccinations to your EHRs and state registries and find under-vaccinated kids

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We buy & bill

We buy vaccines on your behalf and bill payers for the vaccine inventory we buy

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Simplified interface for all your needs

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Not just simpler, better too

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No cost, no hassle procurement

Canid orders and purchases vaccines on your behalf - we pay upfront for private vaccines and handle submissions for ordering through the VFC program. Through our portal you can manage every vaccine in your office, including the upcoming COVID vaccines.

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Always have enough vaccines in stock

The Canid digital inventory system automatically updates with each shipment received, as well as each vaccine given. Vaccine utilization is carefully monitored, and predictive analytics ensure that vaccines are reordered on time, every time.

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Automated data entry

As each vaccine is scanned, Canid automatically connects that information with the patients’ record in your EHR and submits all of the needed information to your State Immunization Registry. No more typing things in manually, just scan and you’re done!

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Make sure every child gets the care they need

Our integrations with state registries and your EHR allow you to easily find kids who have not received their needed vaccines. That way, we make it easy to follow up with them, educate them, and get them back in the door on time.

Integrates with:

Athena Health logoGreenway Health logoE-Clinical Works logoMedent logoAllscripts logo

...and many more!

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Less billing, same bottom line

Since Canid pays for private vaccines up-front, we also work with the patient’s insurance company to bill for the vaccines once administered. You still get full reimbursement for vaccine administration codes, preserving your bottom line.

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